In The Shoes of Michael Jackson: Sergio Cortes Talks About His Career

Almost everyone who cares about pop music must have Michael Jackson. The renowned artist died in 2009 at his Los Angeles mansion in what remains a mystery even today. Since the world woke to the sad news of the death of the king of pop, Sergio Cortes was drawing the attention of Michael’s fans to the next to carry his mantle.


In an exclusive interview with the, Sergio discusses the long journey of his career. He discloses that his interests in Michael date back to his childhood. Whatever the time he started looking like Michael is not what is important. The most crucial question is how he achieved it.


Sergio notes that in his youthful age, he received an invitation to a photo session featuring as Michael Jackson. The inner doubts he had about how the world viewed his career. None the less, he noted that people appreciated his looks and he put more effort to perfect them. Sergio wears very similar clothes to the famous Michael Jackson. He has a very flashy lifestyle like that of Michael Jackson.


Sergio is a Spanish-born artist. He is miles away from the American artist and share very diverse cultures. The impression he got from Michael is the force behind all his achievements. To sum it all Sergio is the Michael of today. He has travelled across the globe of tribute to Jackson shows. In his, own words, Sergio describes Michael as a real inspiration for his career. He shares the grief with the fans by continues with the work of Michael.


The 43-year-old artist currently works with a talent developing company. Travel around the world in search of talent and recruit it to benefit young men. People close to Sergio describe him as very inspiring.


The social media has given Sergio an advantage in reaching his fans. He has an enormous following in Facebook page with over 16000 fans. He is also reachable in Twitter and other social media networks. Sergio also uses social media to communicate with his fans, announce his shows and other important events.


To make such a success in the expectation of fans for Sergio practices hard. He admits that hard work and passion are his greatest motivators. Having also suffered the grief of Michael’s death, Sergio helps the fans overcome that grieves by carrying on the memories of the late singer.

Rapper Nicki NMinaj Performs for Brutal Dictator

Rapper Nicki Minaj played a concert for African Countries Diamond Producers Association that Jose Eduardo dos Santo cofounded. In return for her music, she received $2 million dollars. The Human Rights Foundation, led by its president Thor Halvorssen, asked Nicki Minaj to cancel the concert that occurred during the week of December 14, 2015, because of Jose Eduardo dos Santo’s treatment of the citizens of Angora where he has been president since 1979. In performing the concert, Nicki joins a long list of performers including Mariah Carey, Usher and Beyoncé, who have played for Moammar Khadafy, Jennifer Lopez who played for Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedo, Sting who played for Islam Karimov and Kanye West who played for Nursultan Nazarbayev, according to the New York Post.
Thor Halvorssen says, in general, the Human Rights Foundation does not have problems with entertainers earning large sums of money for their work, but cannot support those efforts when the leaders are not taking care of the people under them. One of the first moves by Thor Halvorssen in fighting for human rights around the globe occurred in 1989 when he helped organize protests against South Africa apartheid in London. Before founding the Human Rights Foundation. Thor founded and led Foundation for Individual Rights in Education for five years.
His interest in human rights started at an early age. His father, a diplomat, was falsely imprisoned by the Venezuela government. His mother, a child psychologist, was gun down on live television while attending a peaceful protest against the Venezuela government. His first cousin, Leopoldo Lopez, was held as a political prisoner by the Venezuela government.

Marcio Alaor, the Pride of San Antonio, do Monte and Banco BMG.

The Food Court Marcio Alaor de Araujo, named in honor of the vice president of BMG bank, Marcio Alaor, was opened during the thirty-third Agricultural Exhibition of Santo Antonio do Monte. This was an award to this great and committed business mogul to his hometown. Marcio Alaor is a member of the executive team of BMG Group-Banco.
The present was a remembrance of the professional growth of Marcio Alaor, which he achieved through the help of his hometown people and his determination hard work. Mr. Alaor achieved his goals and fame without forgetting his city residents and losing his roots.
Marcio was a shoe shiner before he studied and rose in his career path. Dr. Wilmer a former doctor helped Mr. Alaor achieve his life goals. He used to be Marcio’s customer before he realized that he was a boy with potential and great future. When he was a shoe shine to one of the prominent persons of BMG, Mr. Alaor decided to follow Dr. Wilmer’s advice. He started studying and growing professionally.
He rose, and he is the current vice president of BMG bank, one of the greatest financial firms in Brazil. Marcio is a philanthropist who is involved in social work. He helps his countrymen and his home Santo Antonio de Monte by encouraging the people and facilitating its growth.
When giving thanks during the honorary ceremony, Marcio said that the honor was a sign of friendship and support from his countrymen. He took the opportunity to insist on the development and growth of the city both socially and economically. In an interview, Marcio emphasized the importance of giving back to the community and putting other people first especially those who help you rise to popularity. He promised to always to support and be involved in the public matters as found on
Marcio Alaor is part of the executive staff of BMG bank. BMG is the principal sponsor of soccer clubs in Brazil. According to Mr. Alaor, of Bomb bank, on the stock exchange, General Motors was one of the first to go public finishing a hundred years of IPO and it currently has a market worth of 53.52 billion dollars.
Marcio Alaor on the global economic crisis says that Australia is an isolated case, and it has been gaining popularity among financial experts.

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The Importance of Online Reputation Management

Recently in news, Darius Fisher who is the CEO and founder of Status Labs sat down to talk about how important online reputation management really is. Darius Fisher, who is the current president, is an expert in digital marketing. His current public relations firms has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Though this company is only four years old, the company has already grown to hold 30 employees and has also grown to build an office that is currently located in Brazil and New York City. As of now, with only four years of being in business, this company has already helped over 1,500 clients in over 35 different countries. What makes this company so successful is that each employee who works for Darius Fisher individualizes the marketing strategy to each client that enables top-notch quality work.

The force behind this thriving business is the fact that Mr. Fisher understands how vital a positive online reputation is. The benefactors of a positive online reputation are politicians, public figures, as well as executives of companies. With the help of Darius Fisher and his company, any figure who is in the public eye can maintain a positive image and can even overcome a image damaging crisis.

This company was founded on the basis of Darius Fisher’s belief of the vital importance to maintaining a positive digital image. Mr. Fisher even states that unlike a daily newspaper which changes everyday, Google search results never change unless something else is added to them. With that in mind, Darius Fisher and his team work hard to only put positive information on the first page of Google. To create positive SEO, Fisher is able to use his expertise in public relations as well as content development tools that protect and manage any image.

Thanks to Mr. Fisher and Status Labs, over 100 members of the Fortune 500 companies have had help in regards to positive online reputation management. He and his team come up with crisis managing solutions that also provide plans just in case of a crisis. Prior to working for Status Labs, Mr. Fisher worked as a political consultant and a copyright writer. His experience prior to Status Labs made him the best fit to lead a firm that deals with online management. His excellent education from Vanderbilt University along with his knowledge of SEO, makes him the perfect leader to help public figures gain a more positive reputation.

Looks Just Like Michael Jackson

There are many individuals that love to see impersonators of popular entertainers. These are individuals that have learned to not only dress and move like the real entertainers, but also they, at times, have been able to learn how to sound just like the originals. Many individuals love to impersonate Shar, Joan Rivers, Prince, and of course Michael Jackson. Even though many of these impersonators come close to looking like the real deal, quite often it is not that difficult to tell that they are not the true entertainer.

In the case of Sergio Cortes it is completely different. Cortes is a man that was born in Spain. When he was younger his mother used to put on the programs that featured The Jackson Five. She would tell her son that he resembled Michael Jackson and he took that to heart. He would listen to Michael Jackson’s music, and he would watch the way that he moved. He would try to impersonate him and he got to be very good at it. After showing off his talent to friends and family at home, he then took his moves to the streets and begin to perform. Cortes would draw crowds around him because of the way that he would dance and sing. After a while he caught the eye of a news reporter. The news reporter took some images of Sergio Cortes as he was dancing and singing, and placed them on the Internet. Pretty soon hundreds of people were watching Cortes and he got calls from different agents.

The Brazilian Entertainment new website called Noticias.r7 did an interview with Sergio about his success, and how he was able to go from a young man performing on the streets to one of the best MJ impersonators in the world. Cortes is very honored to replicate the late king of pop, and his performances have been able to comfort many of MJ’s die-hard fans.

Now Sergio Cortes is a very well-known Michael Jackson impersonator. He has been able to perfect his moves and his looks to the degree that it is difficult to tell that he is not the real Michael Jackson. He was even able to get voice coaching to be able to change his voice and hide his accent to sound like Michael Jackson as well. Sergio Cortes performs all around the world and he has a regular show that he does in Brazil. Even though there are many individuals that have become impersonators, Sergio Cortes is one of the best-loved and well-known Michael Jackson impersonator’s in the world.

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Sergio Cortes Live Interview Inspires the Youth with Diverse Talents

Sergio Cortes is a die-hard fan of Michael Jackson. Sergio was born in Spain. Since his childhood, Sergio Cortes was taking after Michael Jackson’s path. His mother discovered the boy’s talents and started buying him Michael Jackson performance discs and tapes.
Sergio used to practice using the tapes and later perform the dance, singing, and the moves to his family. His impersonation of the pop king has been original without makeup and surgery to manipulate the fans. Today, Cortes represents the pop king whose death left people in demise.
According to the publications, Sergio Cortes recently underwent an interview with R7 TV where he explained to people the way he started his career. The TV crew was very much impressed by him as he dresses, walks, and even talks like the pop king who died in 2009.
His impersonation impressed many people who treat him today as the pop king. Cortes conducts live performances as the Late Jackson did. He goes by the stage name Sergio Jackson. He has greatly promoted the artistic development and the music industry in a big way.
In the interview, Sergio Cortes implied that to impersonate successfully Jackson was not only his career but also a great privilege in his life. Sergio Cortes has also embraced the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
In the Sergio Cortes Facebook page, he commented that the talent to sing, dance, act, and compose songs cannot be performed by anyone. He implied that people with diverse talents were the one who becomes successful in music and artistic development.
He has greatly promoted the pop music in the current entertainment industry. The late Michael Jackson would be impressed to watch his impersonator perform his songs and moves live on stage exactly like him.
Cortes has also been organizing live performances across the whole world. His great talent in artistic development has attracted many fans to like his live performances. Sergio Jackson is always invited to perform on occasions and powerful functions.

In conclusion, Sergio Cortes has been a prominent figure in the support of entertainment industry. His contributions and active presence on social media platforms have earned him many fans.

Choosing a Great Brand of Dog Food

Because of the fact that your dog is an integral part of the family, Wikipedia know how important it is for you to choose a great brand of dog food that they are sure to love. Better quality dog food brands do not contain the gross ingredients that you might find in those cheaper products. Sure, you can save money by going with a cheap brand, but this is doing nothing for your dog’s health and vitality. In fact, many of these lesser brands are known for adding an array of harsh and harmful ingredients to their formulas just to bulk up the kibble. A great brand to choose for your dog is known as Beneful. Beneful is a top-of-the-line dog food brand that has been around for many years. They are one of the most trusted product brands for when it comes to dog food. This is because they put the research into every single product that they create, ensuring that your dog is getting the best ingredients and taste that they are sure to love. Beneful is also a great option for those dogs that tend to be a bit picky with their food. When you begin to make the switch to a better brand like Beneful, you will find that your dog benefits greatly from it. Beneful does not use fillers or by-products in any of the products that they create, so you know that your dog is only getting the very best of the best when it comes to its quality. Beneful is a brand that many people have chosen because of the fact that it is better quality and is also not going to break the bank. Once you decide that it is time for your dog to have a better brand of dog food, it is a good idea to consider Beneful as your first option. There are a lot of brands out there, so one of the first things that you are going to want to look for would be better quality ingredients and a lack of fillers that the brand might have used.

Solo Capital at a glance

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Who we are
We are an international boutique Investment, Proprietary Trading and consulting firm based in the UK.
Solo Capital was established on 13, September 2011 with a registered office in London. The company is active and currently has three directors. The founding directors included Mr. Sanjay Shah and Solo Capital Limited. The company so far has no subsidiaries but has almost 30 employees to its name.
What we do
Solo Capital engages its clients in a number of fields namely:

  • Consulting- This deals with Investment, Performance as well as Human Capital
  • Proprietary Trading- This includes FX, Commodities and Derivatives
  • Professional Sports Investments- It looks at talent acquisition, Commercial advisory and representation, Asset and performance management.

What we pride in
Solo Capital has a team of hardworking employees who work day and night to offer top of the edge solutions to its clients. Solo Capital’s dedication and exemplary customer service keeps it focused on delivering high quality service across board.
The company has been providing agency brokerage investment management, securities lending, safeguarding and administration of assets, principal trading and client money services since its inception four years ago. This has earned the company global recognition which it continues to pride in.
Solo Capital has successfully managed to stamp its foot in the asset management industry and investment management through dedicated leadership and teamwork.
Solo Capital’s Partners
Solo Capital is where it is now because of its good relationship with partners who have faith with the company. The company works hard to ensure its partners receive nothing but the best since partners are the heartbeat of the company. As a strong player in the industry, the company hopes for more partnerships and corporations in its future endeavors.
Solo Capital’s achievements
The company is among some of the leading firms offering help to investors seeking to make their businesses stand out.
The company has managed to make struggling businesses stand out in the current market environment.
Solo Capital has over the years continued to offer young investors who are unable to afford large budgets across the globe.
The company has the technical know-how to create relevant and reliable products and services ideal for the market, and this is thanks to the company’s group of talented and professional team of employees.
Solo capital understands the great importance of offering secure services and environment to customers hence the company offers different business security software to safeguard the interest of different clients.
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One Life To Live as a Series

One Life To Live is a soap opera that aired on ABC for over 40 years. It began airing back in 1968 and remained on television until 2012. In 2013 the show was picked up as a web series but due to some legal issues going on behind the scenes with production the web series came to a halt on August of 2013. For over 4 decades fans followed the lives and relationships of the many characters on the show.

One of the most popular characters on the show was Stacy Morasco. Stacy was the sister of Gigi Morasco another popular character on One Life To Live. Stacy was played by the very talented and beautiful Crystal Hunt, who is well known for her popularity on Instagram. Stacy’s character came on to the show in 2009 and remained one of the most popular characters until her characters death in 2010. Stacy was working as a stripper in Las Vegas when she decides to move to Llanview the fictional town where One Life To Live is set. Stacy moves to Llanview in the hopes of getting together with Rex who is Gigi’s love interest. She plans and schemes and eventually sleeps with Rex and much to her happiness and surprise becomes pregnant with Rex’s child. Not soon after Stacy’s dreams are crushed when she suffers a miscarriage. Rather than lose Rex Stacy sets out on a new plan which is to get pregnant by Oliver and pretend the baby still belongs to Rex. Although her plan originally works not soon after the plan is ruined when Stacy gets kidnapped and is outed as a liar. The kidnappers find out the baby does not belong to Rex and kick Stacy out into the cold and stormy night. Stacy ends up giving birth to a little girl which Gigi helps to care for but Stacy eventually falls into a lake and dies not soon after giving birth even though Rex attempts to save her.

Stacy Morasco was not the only soap opera character Crystal Hunt has played during her acting career. Crunchbase credits that Hunt also played Lizzie Spaulding for over three years on the popular soap opera Guiding Light. She was nominated for a Day Time Emmy as well as being nominated for a Soap Opera Digest Award for her role as Lizzie Spaulding from 2003 until 2006. In 2005 Hunt played in the movie Derby Stallion as Jill Overton. In 2007 she played Dinky in the film Sydney White and in 2008 played Hannah in the movie Brooklyn to Manhattan. More recently she played Molly in the film 23 Blast and in 2015 she played Lauren in the film Magic Mike XXL. In 2015 Hunt also produced her first feature film Talbot County.  You can find Crystal’s full list of credits on Wikipedia.

Slyce in a New Deal that would Generate Double Revenue

Slyce Inc., recently announced that it has finalized a deal with a global client Fortune 500, a toy retailing firm, according to a report released on Marketwired. During the contract term, Slyce is expected to double its revenue for providing visual search and image recognition services as well as other related digital services to the retailer. In addition, Slyce announced the launching of a new technology, Slyce Link, a platform that has been developed for over a year to provide sustainable retail solutions. This technology is in the process of beta testing with the company’s major retail client. The Slyce Link offers solutions that enable retailers to post images of products that are physically similar to consumers in a strategic manner during online buying process so as to increase their sales volume.

When this technology is integrated with product pages of the retailers like website and other mobile applications, it uses complex visual analysis in order to offer customers with highly efficient options to every product they want to select. Slyce Link is meant to mitigate cart abandonment, which between 75-85 percent, according to Chief Executive Officer of Slyce Mark Elfenbein. This platform will ensure retailers are focusing more on interested customers until they complete their transactions. Retailers will be able to show their customers visually similar items in cases where they are interested in completing their transactions, although traditionally high rate of cart abandonment has been experienced.

The Slyce Link technology is available through an API or widget, immediately it’s ordered. Slyce Inc expects to generate more revenue from this technology and at the same time increasing the sales volume of their clients. For instance, if a black shoe size 7 is sold, the current platform will remove that item from the product page, but with Slyce Link, retailers will be able provide a customer with links to other pairs of black shoes size 7 instantly. Indeed, the probability of closing a sale while using Slyce Link is very high.

About Slyce

Slyce is a company that provides visual search technologies to retailers and brands. The company is located in Toronto, ON, is currently enhancing a strong sales channel that would enable major retailers reach out to their customers efficiently. The company has enabled consumers to engage with retailers by just posting photos of items they desire to buy using mobile devices, hence initiating the product search platform that would deliver results instantly.